Club Outings & Rules

Club Outing Rules



1. Must be a paid-up member of Bill’s Musky Club prior to the catch.

2. Musky’s  must be legally caught by hook and line according to Wisconsin fishing  laws in Wisconsin and must be registered on Bill’s Musky Club official  registration form and witnessed. Photo’s are recommended.

3. All  released fish of 34 inches or larger can be registered by length alone.  In case of a tie, the 1st fish registered to the club by the time and  date on the official registration form will break the tie.

4. Out of state award, the fish must be legally caught during their open season. All members, excluding masters, are eligible.

5.  To qualify for awards your registration form must be received to the  club or postmarked no later that the 10th of the month following your  catch and all blanks on the registration form must be filled in that  have a star*. All fish reports must be legible(print).

6. At  outing/seminars only members may personally sign the registration book.  Only fish 34 inches or larger that are released will be eligible for  outings/seminars awards. Their length will be posted when the  outing/seminar is over. Only officers of Bill’s Musky Club may do the  posting. Please immediately release fish at the catch area with a  witness. Photos are recommended. The contest is over at the time  designated by the officers or official in charge. All registration must  be in at that time, or the time posted. Late registrations will be  disqualified for that outing/seminar.

7. If using suckers, you must use quick strike rigs.

8. All fish reports must be legible (print) and have all blanks with a star (*) completed

*Bill's Musky Club no longer recognizes kept fish for awards.

2019 Club Outings


June 1st  - Stump Trophy Challenge w/ 12 Apostles Musky Club, Stevens Point Flowage

June 7, 8, 9  - Spring Outing with Dave's Musky Club at Lake Tomahawk Park in Lake Tomahawk

September 27, 28, 29 - Falll Outing, Wisconsin River from the Merrill Dam thru Lake DuBay

September 28th - Youth Outing on Lake Wausau

October 12– Lake Wausau Outing/Wisconsin River Stump Challenge w/ 12 Apostles- Lake Wausau, Mosinee Flowage, and Lake Dubay

Event details and times will be published in the spring Bill's Musky Club newsletter.